The 11 Best Affordable Watch Brands Worth More Than Their Price

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By The Best Watch Advice Team, 21st of August 2022

If you’re trying to figure out the best affordable watch brands before you buy your next watch, we know how it feels.

There is an infinite number of brands and even more models, designs and functions.

All as tempting as the last!

So much to choose from it could drive you insane.

Unless you’re a watch lover and collector of course!

In this article, we’ll explore the most well-known affordable watch brands that are worth more than the price you’ll pay.

Firstly, is our List of the Best Affordable Watch Brands Also Quality?

There’s no denying that a lot of watch lovers aspire to high-end watches.

You name it; the modern gentleman will have his eye on Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Omega amongst others.

However, most new watch enthusiasts don’t really want to break the bank just yet.

And because of this, they’ll lean towards more affordable choices when they first enter the vast world of watches.

In the watch market, few individuals have the means to purchase a watch for $100,000 or more.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a quality watch for your budget.

It may not be made out of gold or have a high-precision handcrafted movement, but it will still do what a watch is meant to do: tell the time.

But here’s the best news, there are many excellent affordable watch brands that produce high quality watches

In the end, all watch lovers respect quality no matter what the price point is.

I’ve seen multi-millionaires lust over watches that are less than a thousand dollars.

Whether you wear a $50 Swatch or a $50,000 Audemars Piguet, you share in a passion for watches.

Before you Buy an Affordable Watch…

Before you pull the trigger on that new watch, there are a few important things to consider…

Can affordable watches be considered an investment?

That depends.

An investment in a quality product. Absolutely.

And you can definitely get your money’s worth 10 times over with many watch lovers having watches in their collection for decades.

An investment to make a few bucks on the resale. Nope.

In fact, even expensive watches shouldn’t really be considered investments, as the vast majority will only ever retain their value.

It’s the select few that go way up in value and they unfortunately don’t make it onto our list of affordable watches.

Even though a watch is affordable, it shouldn’t be considered if it’s poor quality.

There is a wide range of reputed watch brands that make well-crafted timepieces at every price-point: $50, $100, $200, $500, $1,000 and $2,000.

So this is our most important tip when you buy your next watch…. avoid brands that spend more on social media than on making quality watches.

They spend their money on marketing to sell you a watch that’s made up of really cheap parts from China.

These brands won’t be making our list of course.

So, there’s a lot to consider.

And with our knowledge of the watch market we have compiled a list of the most relatively affordable and quality watch brandsΒ for you.

Here are the 11 best affordable watch brands that you should definitely pay attention to…

Citizen πŸ”—

The company was founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss investors (we do like brands that have a long and rich history).

Despite the fact that Citizen is a Japanese company, many people are unaware that Schmid, a man who sold timepieces in Japan, founded Citizen in Switzerland in 1918.

Citizen is credited with a number of technological innovations.

These include developing a solar-powered quartz mechanism and the 1993 release of the world’s first multi-band atomic time-tracking watch.

Although there is a model for everyone, Citizen watches typically emphasize durability and efficiency. The favorite aspect is that they deliver excellent performance while remaining relatively affordable.

Casio πŸ”—

Given its widespread recognition, the name Casio needs little introduction.

The 1956-founded business is known for its musical instruments and calculators and is credited with many technological innovations.

Because it is primarily an engineering company, Casio focuses on digital and analog quartz timepieces rather than mechanical watches.

Therefore, Casio is one of the best affordable watch brands to pick from if you’re seeking a great quartz watch because it can keep the price low while maintaining quality.

Even the snobbish collectors can appreciate Casio’s designs in some of the most best affordable watches that won’t be derided.

They offer dive watches, dressy watches, and a variety of other analog watch brands.

Timex πŸ”—

Never disregard a Timex. Few watch brands can lay claim to the American horological renown of Timex.

Timex was founded in Connecticut, USA, in 1845 as the “Waterbury Clock Company,” focusing on premium design and widespread accessibility.

Since the dawn of the 20th century, Timex has witnessed two World Wars, a bewildering array of technological developments, changes in fashion, and much more.

I frequently tell people that if all you want is an affordable watch, that tells the time…

Then Timex could certainly be the brand for you.

And you’d be content with simple, reliable, quality watches…

Without all the fancy add ons and designs.

Tissot πŸ”—

As a watchmaker with a lengthy history, Tissot was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853. It is more correctly described as a manufacturer of upscale, affordably priced Swiss watches.

Despite this fact, some people may only mistake it for a luxury brand, when in fact can be considered an entry level luxury brand.

Whatever the case, the quality of Tissot’s timepieces’ craftsmanship is no question.

The company must be considered while ranking the best affordable watch brands, and two things set it apart from the competition. The first is its lengthy history, which we’ve already discussed. The second is that it is a conventional Swiss company rather than a Japanese one.

Some of you might not care where your watch came from, while others will value sporting a piece of Swiss history. People in the latter group ought to think about Tissot. The brand currently belongs to the Swatch group and other brands, including Omega, Longines, Hamilton, and Mido.

SwatchΒ πŸ”—

Swatch is another quality affordable watch brand coming from Switzerland.

It was founded during the quartz crisis in 1983 as a reaction to the strong competition from Japanese quartz watches.Β 

Swatch’s major objective was to revive interest in mechanical watches and increase sales in a time where quartz products were dominating.

The name “Swatch” is taken from the idea of a “second watch”.

By this Swatch is indicating that these watches are meant to be uncomplicated, replaceable, affordable and useful.

Although Swatch now produces a wide range of watches including both mechanical and quartz watches

Swatch is certainly one way to go, thanks to its intriguing and cutting-edge technology if you want to enter the world of Swiss mechanical watches on a budget.

Seiko πŸ”—

Since the Japanese business, founded in Tokyo in 1881, has developed such a cult following over the years, it would be obvious to conclude this ranking with any name other than Seiko.

Additionally, Seiko, which formerly specialized in producing affordable watches, is now one of the best watch brands in the world. It offers a wide selection of models at rising price points with commensurately improved levels of precision and workmanship.

As a result, whether you spend $250 on a basic watch or $1,000 on a more costly one, you will be aware that you are getting one of the best deals available. Seiko is even more attractive because it was instrumental in the growth of horology. The company is well known for being the first to introduce quartz wristwatches to the world.

Even though Seiko makes a lot of quartz watches, watch enthusiasts adore the Seiko 5 series of high-end mechanical timepieces. Owning one of these is like having a newborn baby, thus giving access to one of the most powerful and passionate collector networks.

Junghans πŸ”—

A company was established in Schramberg in 1861 and soon became one of the most prosperous ventures in the German timepiece market. In 1903, Junghans was the largest watch manufacturer in the world, with over 3000 employees. Still, it wasn’t until 1927 that the business started making wristwatches.

Junghans is probably most known as a watch company for its minimalist, Bauhaus-inspired art style, which has helped the company stand out. The mentality of Junghans has not changed over time, despite changes in watch standards.

The name has long been associated with quality, dependability, precision, and zeal. A Junghans watch is therefore characterized by meticulous attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and aesthetic nuance.

Bulova πŸ”—

American watchmaker Bulova was established in 1875, and Citizen Watch Co. acquired it in 2008. The company is situated in New York City and currently produces watches, clocks, and accessories. Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian immigrant, created it; in 1923, it adopted the name Bulova Watch Company.

Bulova is renowned for producing high-quality, relatively affordable watches in various styles, from dressy to sporty. With a rich and long history, it has developed strong expertise in watchmaking. It produces both contemporary clocks and some with more traditional, vintage-inspired designs.

G-Shock πŸ”—

The G-Shock might just be arguably the most famous affordable watch brand on this list.

When it comes to watches, G-Shock has always risen above the competition and attained serious notoriety levels.

G-Shock is essentially a brand that belongs to the Casio company and whose name is an acronym for gravitational shock.

These watches are made tough, easily surviving all kinds of conditions, drops, collisions and severe weather.

It’s also more than just a tough watch for outdoor and sports fans…

G-Shocks are loved by military, emergency services, athletes and by astronauts who take them up to space!

If you want to know more about the epic story behind G-Shock and check out the DW5600 series then make sure you check out our review by clicking here.

Orient πŸ”—

As a wholesaler of imported pocket watches, Orient Watch can trace its horological roots back to in the early 1900s.

Beginning in the early 1900s, the company began making its own watches. The facility was finally shut down because manufacturing slowed during and after World War 2. The brand didn’t resurface until around 1950 when it was redesigned to resemble Orient Watches more closely.

Although the product lines of Orient and Seiko are sometimes confused, the two manufacturers have distinct design aesthetics. While Orient tends to take more original chances with some design decisions, Seiko generally tries to operate on traditional balance in some (definitely not all) of its designs.

Hamilton πŸ”—

Hamilton, a Swiss watchmaker, has a long and illustrious history.

Today, the company focuses mostly on mechanical watches.Β 

Their watches are inspired by vintage designs, particularly those from World War II, when the company produced military clocks.

Hamilton may be characterized as a Swiss company with American roots that specializes in creating mechanical watches of the highest caliber at costs that offer outstanding value.

One of our favorite collections from Hamilton is their Khaki Field collection. Check out our review by clicking here.

Even though Hamilton’s watches are more expensive than their Japanese rivals, they are one of the best choices if you want Swiss brilliance and dependability.

Summing up the Best Affordable Watch Brands

So, now you’ll know a good quality watch doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

And there is plenty of great brands to choose from.

Whether you’ve got your eye on an American Hamilton, a Japanese Seiko, a Swiss Tissot or any other the others…

If you stick to this list you can’t really go wrong.

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list as there are tonnes of watch brands out there, including many micro-brands.

And if you are just getting into watches it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices out there.

So, in saying that, these are our favoritesΒ because of their quality at a great price.

Not to mention there is an affordable watch for every budget.

So, enjoy your next watch, no matter which one catches your eye.

If you stick to the 11 brands we’ve mentioned here you definitely won’t be let down!

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