G Shock Mudmaster GWG 1000 vs GWG 2000
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G Shock Mudmaster GWG 1000 vs GWG 2000: What’s Best?

By the Best Watch Advice Team, 12th of October 2022 Casio is a reputable Japanese watch brand popular for its G-shock collection. In particular, the G-shock Mudmaster is one of the brand’s most sought-after outdoor watches. The term "Mudmaster"…
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Our 7 Favorite German Watch Brands of 2022

By the Best Watch Advice Team, 10th of October 2022 When talking about high-end luxury watches, chances are Swiss watches are the ones that come to mind, but what about German watch brands? While the Swiss have certainly earned a reputable…
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Swiss Watch Brands List 🇨🇭 Our 19 Favorites

By Maverick, 22nd of September 2022 Swiss watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe are well-known among watch enthusiasts and the general public. And this is not actually something to be surprised about, considering how the Swiss…
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Our Favorite 7 Automatic Watches for Men in 2022

By Maverick, 20th of September 2022 Being mechanical watch lovers here at Best Watch Advice, we though it was high time we put together a list of our favorite automatic watches for men. The Automatic Watch is a mechanism beloved by the watch…
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The 11 Best Affordable Watch Brands Worth More Than Their Price

By The Best Watch Advice Team, 21st of August 2022 If you're trying to figure out the best affordable watch brands before you buy your next watch, we know how it feels. There is an infinite number of brands and even more models, designs…